Goals of the "A-Team" in an AWS Works Council

If the "A-Team" wins the AWS Works Council election on 22nd June 2023, we will pursue the following goals:

Advocate for Employees
Provide Amazonians with fair, confidential, and employee focused guidance about their rights - especially if they're from abroad. Introduce effective mechanisms, that help to resolve any disputes employees may have with managers and/or HR.

Fairness and Job-Security 
Negotiate a labor agreement to protect Amazonians from layoffs and other adverse personnel measures. Shift budget and decision-making authority closer to our customers in Germany: to empower country-managers and local teams to adapt to local specifics more flexibly and achieve ambitious goals faster and more reliably.

Working from Home and RSUs
Keep the return-to-office rule optional. Ensure that the total compensation is adjusted for inflation. Let employees choose between RSUs and an equivalent cash-bonus.

Flexible Shift-System
Introduce a flexible shift-system. Measure and pay overtime hours. Limit staff monitoring. Help and educate employees from abroad with regards to German labour-laws.

Improve on-call duties
Increase the compensation for on-call duties and match them to local time zones (wherever possible). Make it easier for employees to switch teams. Provide more support for self-development.

It doesn't stop here. Each AWS department can work on AWS Works Council topics to achieve certain improvements. For example:

AWS Infrastructure

Making the current 3-shift system more flexible, measuring and paying overtime, limiting staff monitoring, making disciplinary measures (PIP/focus/pivot) transparent: there are many challenges that a works council could solve in the interest of all (infrastructure) Amazonians!

However, since many employees and managers are from abroad, both sides often do not know that disciplinary measures have no legal consequences.

A works council can not only provide individual support. It can also initiate mechanisms (general regulations) on various topics and, if necessary, enforce them with the help of an external arbitration board (conciliation board), so that employee-friendly solutions can be created in the long term.

AWS Sales

In just over a year, Amazon has lost around 50% of its stock market value; no matter how successful AWS as a company or each individual sales employee has been during this time. 

Yet no AWS employee has a direct impact on Amazon's share price performance. Employees should be able to choose between "voluntarily granted stock compensation/ RSUs" and an equivalent cash bonus.

Further possibilities for improvement are: more realistic sales targets and the allocation of customers or sales territories taking into account personally grown customer relationships; as well as the replacement of output-oriented sales targets with input-oriented targets on which employees actually have an influence.

Amazon Dev. Center

It is estimated, that employees stay at Amazon for only 1.5 years on average, so that team colleagues have to spend a lot of time on the constant training of new employees.

A works council could try to find out the reasons for the high staff turnover and work to solve the main causes.

For example, through a better distribution of the necessary on-call duties, taking into account the different time zones. Employees should generally be given more time for their own projects and continuous training.

In addition, a works council could critically review inappropriate disciplinary measures (PIP/Focus/Pivot).

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