Feedback from AWS colleagues

Right after the announcement of the AWS works council initiative (driven by the "A-Team"), a large number of AWS employees from Germany contacted us to express their support for our project. Of all messages received, only 1.4% were against the establishment of an AWS works council; therefore we believe, that the "silent majority" of all Amazonians seems to support our cause.

Here are four typical examples of feedback that we have been receiving:

I. from Frankfurt

Hello to all!

I read the news today and thought to myself - it's just the right time to start something like this!

I have been with AWS for many years and am a mother of two. I would love to join the works council and help shape things.

There is quite a bit going on and quite a bit going wrong in areas of re-entry, compensation, promotion of part-time workers to management positions, etc.

Happy to make contact through private channels. Please let me know, how I can support.

Best regards,


H. from Munich


Your mail goes viral and I always get the link forwarded through my privately saved contacts....

The momentum is good and we have good chances in any case! I am confident!

Have a very nice weekend.


S. from Berlin

It's nice that someone finally has the guts to do this.

"It was about time"

Thank you for the initiative,


M. / virtual


Great initiative - especially in current times. 

I think, a lot of what is currently being decided by the management (e.g. return to office and restrictions on travel), don't really fit together and, from my point of view, are done without data on employee opinion and especially employee situation.

I would be interested to dive deeper into the topic and also to support this. 

I am virtual located but very close to the location of Frankfurt. I would be happy to hear from you.



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